User Friendly

ZipBooks is designed for Small Businesses and individuals to manage their accounts and inventory without any prior accounting knowledge. The User interface is extremely easy and does not require any training or expert accountant to run the software. 

Multi-User Capabilities

With ZipBooks, multiple users can access the solution and process the transactions from any location with internet access. This enables your employees to collaborate easily with each other. Availability of up-to-date, real time information on their finger tips enhances the productivity of your team.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

You can work on ZipBooks from your office, home or while you are on the road or travelling. All you need is a device with internet connection to securely log-in to ZipBooks and start working.

Robust Data Security and Access Control

With ZipBooks your data is extremely secure and safe. We keep your data on our secure servers rather than on your computer or device. This eliminates any risk of you losing your financial data in the event your device is damaged, lost or falls into the hands of any un-authorised person.

Data Safety

ZipBooks ensure that your data is safe and secure by frequently taking data backups on secure server. This ensures we always have a backup copy of your data on our servers.

Integrated accounting, sales, purchase and inventory

No more spinning between spreadsheet. Comprehensive cloud based accounting software which automates sales cycles, speeds up collections, gives real-time inventory management and smoothens the purchasing process from suppliers.

Access Control

ZipBooks allows you to set different access levels for different users. This prevents user’s access to the data they shouldn’t be seeing. You can also create a special user for your accountant for year end auditing and closing the year.

Hassle Free Deployment and Maintenance

You can setup ZipBooks in minutes as it does not require any installation, server or database setup. You do not have to worry about upgrades and maintenance as it will be done quietly in the background by us.

Highly Secured

We keep all your financial data secure and protected by following industry-standard security protocols. With password protected logins and encrypted communication using 128-bit SSL (as used by most banks), ZipBooks provides you best in class security.